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Frequently Asked Questions

PrestoVita’s mission is to encourage our members, both users and experts, to share their experiences so that people can receive the knowledge, support and inspiration to transform their lives! Below are answers to questions about why we started PrestoVita and how we can help you with your health, energy and vitality.
  • What is PrestoVita?

    • PrestoVita is about making health simple and affordable for all. PrestoVita shows people how they can have more energy and time in their life by simply eating the right foods, having the right mind-set and exercising. It works in two ways:

      • PrestoVita is an online shop where you can buy 1,000s of health products at the best possible prices.

      • PrestoVita’s social network not only provides education, it also enables people to share and learn from experiences and create a supportive network that helps people fulfil their goals and make their vision a reality.

  • Why use PrestoVita?

    • PrestoVita is dedicated to making health simple. We bring you access to leading health experts and we supply only the best products at the best prices.

  • Who created PrestoVita?

    • PrestoVita was created by Matthew and Helen Edwards. We are 100% committed to educating men, women and children about the importance of nutrition, hydration and exercise. Simple moderation of your lifestyle can prevent illnesses and lead to vitality and energy beyond your dreams.

  • Can PrestoVita help me find a health expert?

    • PrestoVita has many health experts registered and so you can easily find someone who specialises in what you want to know or who is close to where you live.

  • Is PrestoVita free to use?

    • PrestoVita is 100% free for everyone to use. Once you are a member you have access to health experts and PrestoVita’s discounted products and services.

Using PrestoVita’s Shop

PrestoVita is a one-stop shop that enables you to purchase the best quality natural health products from around the world easily and conveniently from the one site. There is no wasting time trying to source your favourite products from multiple vendors; at PrestoVita it is one-shop, one-bill. Below are answers to questions about how to get the most out of your PrestoVita shop.
  • Why register with PrestoVita?

    • By registering an account with PrestoVita you automatically receive loyalty points for all products purchased within the shop. Loyalty points can be transferred into vouchers that can be spent within the PrestoVita shop.

  • How do I create an account?

    • Simply click on the ‘Register’ link at the top right hand of every page.

  • I didn't receive my verification email. What should I do?

  • How do I change my account details (e.g. change my credit card details, password, email address or delete my account)?

    • Go to your account link at the top right hand side of every page. If you change your email address you will receive an updated verification email.

  • Where can I find a receipt for the products and services I purchase?

    • Go to your account link at the top right hand side of every page and then go to the ‘My Orders’ submenu.

  • How does PrestoVita’s Loyalty Programme work?

    • We really value your custom and would like to thank you for purchasing from PrestoVita by giving you money that you can spend on your next order. With every £1 you spend on products you will get 10 loyalty point which when accumulated will give you money off your next shop. Here are some examples:

      • A total spend of £50 will equate to 500 loyalty points worth £2.50 for you to spend off your next PrestoVita order.

      • A total spend of £200 will equate to 2,000 loyalty points worth £10 for you to spend off your next PrestoVita order.

    • You can also earn PrestoVita Points by:
      • Registering an account - 500 points.
      • Signing up to the PrestoVita Newsletter (full of nutritional information, product promotions and tasty recipes - 500 points.
      • Sharing a product on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) - 100 points.
      • Reviewing a product - 100 points.
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