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About us

About PrestoVita PrestoVita's mission is to help, educate, and inspire people to achieve optimal health and live fulfilled lives.

Having basic health knowledge is vital not just for your own well-being but also for our children. PrestoVita is making essential health information accessible to all by bringing together current health knowledge and people’s experiences. Educating and inspiring people will enable them live healthily, prevent illness and achieve vitality and well-being.

Time For Change

Our health affects every aspect of our life including our relationships, professional life, personal goals and our finances. Now is the time to create healthy life habits that enable us all to live a purposeful disease free life.

"A child born today has a 1 in 2 chance of developing cancer, however, more than 40% of cancers diagnosed each year in the UK could be prevented by changes in lifestyle"

Chief executive of Cancer Research UK

Don’t underestimate the power of creating a healthy habit for you and your children! Taking small steps, can inspire others to do the same. The benefits, and impact of educating ourselves, of living a healthy life will far outweigh any initial motivation required. Why wait?!

Let’s prevent disease and not just treat it, let’s not suffer with ill-health, and together let’s make health simple.

The Future

Over the coming months PrestoVita will encourage its members, both users and experts, to share their health experiences so that people can receive the knowledge, support and inspiration to transform their lives! The new website will incorporate a social network which will curate information from health experts all over the world and allow people to share their experiences within a number of communities which include Health & Wellness, Weight, Male Health, Female Health, Child & Baby Health, Over 50 Health, Fertility & Pregnancy and Sport.

PrestoVita’s sole aim is to educate people, young and old, about nutrition, lifestyle and exercise, and how they can help them live a life of energy, vitality and fulfilment.

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